Dean on May 13th, 2015


I’m not sure how to disclose this but The Lisenby’s are planning to move. I could be sinister and suggest we’re moving away… taking a new role at Disney…make you guess, etc…. but we’re just ready for a change.

We are moving into a new stage of life and need some things to be a little different. So, do you know anyone looking for an almost 2700 sq foot hour on a nice 3 acre lot with a pool, on a pond, and in a quiet neighborhood.

I am unaware of anything that is wrong with the house. As a matter of fact, we just upgraded the pool liner, purchased a new HVAC unit for upstairs and downstairs, as well as replaced the carpet in certain rooms, painted 85% of the interior of the house, and poured another 600 sq feet of concrete for the pool area.

How many houses do you know that have a Solar Water Heater?   (We have an electric one also to back it up just in case!)

The point is, we’re interested in changing scenery, getting setup for a mother-in-law suite, etc.   So, if the house doesn’t sell, we’ll be investing more and enjoying the next 15 years.

So, make us move… make us an offer.  Our price is listed on zillow along with all the other details.

I wanted to give you, my friends, an opportunity to share this with your friends first. In the next 30 days, if you or someone you know would like to discuss this, please let me know. I assure you that if you help me sell it,  I’ll make sure you get paid for doing so.  Want to know how much?  Talk with me.  After that, I’ll be reaching out to a few Real Estate agent friends to see about getting it formally listed.

Dean on April 1st, 2015

March 2nd – 4am wake up call. Headed to Las Vegas for a day, then Phoenix.  This flight took forever (5 hours) and we landed in Vegas at 10am local time.  Come 9pm,  I’m wiped out. Visited with a prospective customer for work and enjoyed hanging out with Church IT guys at the Freemont Street Experience.  We were able to score a behind the scenes tour! Check it out if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

March 3rd – Church IT Roundtable – Some of my favorite events of the year.  The highlight, touring the Supernap known as The Switch.  Tier 4 Gold level facility.  There’s not many of those on the planet.  Let’s just say machine guns and some seriously high tech gear were involved in the tour.

March 4th – Spent the day with our Phoenix staff AND enjoyed the area.  Great people exist all across our company.  Thanks all for letting me crash your day.  Hopefully, you felt it was productive.

March 5th – Oh, the weather outside is frightful… well, not for us but it caused hundreds of plane cancellations leaving me in Charlotte, NC without a way home.  Family to the rescue.  I did get 2 surprises out of the deal.  I got to eat at Shiloh Fish House AND my Aunt Nancy just “happened” to be there also!

March 6th – Took the day off work.  Well… actually if you count all the travel this week, I’ve already put in over XX hours.  I feel for those that travel for a living.

March 7th – Mom’s birthday.  She would have been 71.  She made it to 69.75 years.  Truth is, in 1974 doctors told her that diabetes would probably kill her in the “next 15-20 years”.  She fought it for 39 years.  Care to wonder where my fight comes from?  Spent the entire day removing the clutter from the house.  12 hours later, we’re about 20% complete.  Lord help us… why do we buy all this stuff?

March 8th – I walked past a piece of rather large trash in the yard and got about 5 steps past it when I realized I was responsible for picking it up.  I could ask a neighbor or friend to do it, but the truth is it’s my responsibility.   So, I took care of it.   How many times do we want to pawn responsibility off on others?

March 10th –  Tripp’s Birthday.. Love my son so much.

March 11th – Today, was the most eventful day in a long time.  I found myself in the middle of a domestic situation.  The dude…off the chain… used more expletives in 3 minutes than I’ve heard in a long time.  He was in my face so close that I could tell what he had for breakfast.  So thankful that I have a great team of guys that were willing to confront this dude with me.  I feel for his girlfriend and wish she would get some help.

March 12th – I was able to visit with the girlfriend from yesterday.  I let her know that God did NOT intend for relationships to be that way.   I wanted her to know that the experience yesterday was not normal.   I hope she and he will get some help

March 13th –  Met her in high school.  Started dating in 1989. Married her in 1995. Almost (just 20 days from now) 20 years later, not sure I can even envision myself with anyone else that would put up with me like she does. Happy Birthday Terri!  May God grant us many more birthdays together.

March 14th – Took a bunch of kids to Frankie’s Fun Park in Columbia.   Long Day…Great kids…  Oh and today was PI day… 03/14/15 9:26:53  PI = 3.141592653  #Nerd

March 16th – What a week at work… Lots of troubles… now the Air conditioning isn’t working correctly… ugh.

March 19th – Pete, that’s what we called my grandmother, used to say:  “Son, God protects kids and fools and you don’t look like a kid anymore.”  Today, I was reminded that I wasn’t so young anymore… Thank you God.

March 20th – A friend said this the other day…. “A son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter’s a daughter the rest of her life.”  I can attest that this is true but it breaks my heart to think about what this might mean for my family.

March 21st – Studying my Sunday School lesson, I’m reminded that Jesus brings Peace…. Peace that passes all understanding.  No matter what is going on in life, Eternity is secured if you believe in Christ.

March 22nd – There’s a commercial on the radio that says “FICO scores are used in over 90% of credit decisions.”  I wish I could help people get out of debt so that credit wasn’t such a big deal.

March 23nd –  Watch this video –   I have the opportunity to work with this fine organization:  House of Hope.  Tonight, we had the annual concert.  For those that missed it, you missed a blessing!

March 26th – I am excited to have teammates stop me to show me what’s going on in their life.  Love hearing the stories about their hobbies and their families.  Blessed!

March 28th – Got to hang out today with a group of Amateur Radio guys while they worked on an antenna.  I’m reminded that I have lots to learn… lots…


Note: I got a little slack this month.  I’ll try to keep it up better next month.