Dean on June 20th, 2015

ideasimpactA few weeks ago, I was at the ACS Technologies Annual user conference known as Ideas to Impact. We hosted this group in Dallas, TX. It’s an action packed week with lots of education for both our clients and to be educated by them. It’s my favorite event of the year. I wanted to share a little with you.

The first contact I made after leaving the DFW airport was with my Uber driver, Samuel.  He is from Nigeria and has been here 11 years.  We spent the ride to the Omni Hotel discussing the poverty of his nation, the opportunity of America, and the transition that he made with his family to come to our nation.  It was a reminder that we live in a great country, depsite all of our problems.  Three thing that were memorable for me.

  • He said he arrived in Dallas with $5 in his pocket.
  • His kids were all given library cards on their first week here.  He encouraged academics.
  • He also said (read this in your best Nigerian accent) “What is wrong with these American kids?  They need to pull their pants up and stay out of the clubs.  Clubs are stupid.  Academics will help my family break the poverty cycle.”

Then Friends like Glenn and Nick showed up late on Monday, without a request, and helped me (and the team) setup my room for Tuesday.  These guys didn’t have to do that but they chose to assist.  One is from Charleston, SC and one from California.  If only we could spend more time in fellowship and growing each other.  “Iron sharpens Iron”

On Tuesday, The IT roundtable kicked off.  There were 10-15 people in the room (I won’t try to name them all here) that I know from years of serving alongside them.  There were 25+ in the room that I’ve never met.  One of those is, Duke, from Ghana. To share with you how God has already used Duke in my life will require another post. I believe his trip here has been fruitful also.

Let me tell you about John.  He walked directly up to me and reminded me (although he didn’t have to remind me) that 4 years ago,  I prayed with him just weeks after his wife passed away.  A spiritual connection bonds you forever.  It was great to see you John.

Charlene from Apex, NC took a minute to tell me that she was glad to see me.  Why?  Because, last year I was struggling with some personal issues and in a moment with fellow Christ-followers I felt comfortable sharing with Charlene and a group of others.  She remembered and asked me how I was doing?

The stories go on and on… But let me assure you that your job can’t possibly be as awesome as mine… Period.

Dean on May 13th, 2015


I’m not sure how to disclose this but The Lisenby’s are planning to move. I could be sinister and suggest we’re moving away… taking a new role at Disney…make you guess, etc…. but we’re just ready for a change.

We are moving into a new stage of life and need some things to be a little different. So, do you know anyone looking for an almost 2700 sq foot hour on a nice 3 acre lot with a pool, on a pond, and in a quiet neighborhood.

I am unaware of anything that is wrong with the house. As a matter of fact, we just upgraded the pool liner, purchased a new HVAC unit for upstairs and downstairs, as well as replaced the carpet in certain rooms, painted 85% of the interior of the house, and poured another 600 sq feet of concrete for the pool area.

How many houses do you know that have a Solar Water Heater?   (We have an electric one also to back it up just in case!)

The point is, we’re interested in changing scenery, getting setup for a mother-in-law suite, etc.   So, if the house doesn’t sell, we’ll be investing more and enjoying the next 15 years.

So, make us move… make us an offer.  Our price is listed on zillow along with all the other details.

I wanted to give you, my friends, an opportunity to share this with your friends first. In the next 30 days, if you or someone you know would like to discuss this, please let me know. I assure you that if you help me sell it,  I’ll make sure you get paid for doing so.  Want to know how much?  Talk with me.  After that, I’ll be reaching out to a few Real Estate agent friends to see about getting it formally listed.