Dean on February 3rd, 2015

I know… it sounds boring but check this out.

Jan 1st – Celebrated the new year! Friends didn’t leave the house until 2am.  We’re too old for that but loved every minute of that.

Jan 2nd – visited the neighbors for a bonfire.  Do you ever hang out with your neighbors?  Heck, we’re never even outside during the winter much less with other people!

Jan 8th – The day we decided to stop the fight to save Mom’s life.  Today, a year ago, she entered Hospice.  Today, my sister-in-law’s dad passed away in that same hospice house.

Jan 10th – Today, I traveled to Sumter to support my brother and sister-in-law as they laid her father to rest.  It was 1 year ago today, that I broke the news to my family and friends that my mom had left this earth and moved into eternity.

Jan 13th – I had the opportunity to sit in a meeting in one of the most influential people in the Pee Dee Region.  Due to the nature of the meeting, I can’t tell you who but I got to watch how he and his staff handle being challenged on a key issue that they speak about all around the area on their billboards.  I learn a lot from these interactions.  I actually put on a coat and tie.

Jan 15th – I sat through a board meeting for the House of Hope of the Pee Dee to hear how tough decisions, faith in God, and hard work helped turn a ministry around from certain death to being completely caught up on all expenses and having cash in the bank.  Now, to pay off the line of credit and to solidify for the long haul!

Jan 18th – I finally got all the Christmas decorations put back in the attic….well almost.  I also ran 2 miles.  The first run I’ve gone for since Nov 4, 2014.

Jan 19th – I got asked whether or not I was “The Jester”.  I’m not going to link to it for fear of retaliation but google the name and add “hacker”,  You’ll see why someone gives me more credit that I’m due.

My wife and daughter accidentally left some shoes they had just purchased behind at the mall after eating in the food court.  A good samaritan found them, turned them in.  Tonight, we have shoes that honestly I can’t believe someone didn’t take.

Jan 20th – I was greeted on Facebook by a story that shows that Dave Ramsey isn’t just full of catch phrases.   Really, if you like like no one else, you can live like no one else.  Check out the article here.  The couple shared a little more here. Thanks Tammy for sharing with me!

Jan 21st – I attended a Florence meeting that discussed serious issues in our community regarding racial divide, homelessness, and other serious topics.  Leadership from many areas (commerce, government, arts, ministry, etc) were represented.  We’ll see how that works out. I’m hoping for change.

Jan 22nd – I pushed my running to 3 miles.  Seems silly to push to 3 miles when I’ve only run once in 3 months but I get disgusted when I run less than I use to be able to. I took it slow and finished well.  I’ll take an 11:37 pace for my second run.  I realized (again) that exercise isn’t hard.  Is’t mostly mind over laziness.

Jan 23rd – I saw a nasty accident with a burning car.  It appears everyone got out in time.  Wow.  Life is precious.  Picked up Breanna from Lake City tonight so we stopped by Schoolhouse BBQ. That may be only the 2nd time we’ve eaten there together as a family.

Jan 24th – Today, I realized 2 things.  I dress like my father used to when I’m hanging around the house.  That led me to realize that I don’t really care what others think about how I dress when I run.  I wore over-the-calf white tube socks, gray shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and red shoes to run (only got 1.52 miles) in today.  I looked stupid if you’re into fashion.  To me, I felt great.  It was cold out there.

Jan 25th – We started a 4 week series on Stewardship.  If only we all gave 10% like we are called to do.  I suspect the world would be a very different place.  Enjoyed the lesson.

Jan 29th  – ran 3 miles today.  Enjoyed it but my foot hurts again now.  ugh.

Jan 30th – picked up Breanna from basketball tonight.  Watched a little bit of the game.  I get all riled up inside watching the boys and girls play.  Wow, glad I don’t have a kid on the court!

Jan 31st – Upgraded the kids’ trampoline today.  Purchased a new mat, new spring cushions, and installed a safety net.  The kids love it and I feel better about them being on there.  Capped off this month with a trip to Shiloh Fish House.  MMMM MMMM Good.   Ran into my college roommate Jeff there.  Great catching up with him!


Looking back… this was an interesting month…. Hope you enjoyed the review.


Dean on December 9th, 2014

theplanThis morning I was catching up with my friend, David.  He’s had a rough week.  We were just sitting down for breakfast when I got the text that the generator had started at ACST.  “This is not good…”, I said.  I texted with a few folks only to find out that our building (one of the five in Florence) was the only building without power.  This means that it isn’t our utility company.  I can’t blame it on them or someone taking out a power pole while texting and driving.  So, it’s pretty obvious that it is internal to the building and it’s the entire building.   So I leave David and head on to work.   Fast Forward……

The main building breaker is tripped –  In 1879, Thomas Edison submitted a patent for this device.  Today, it worked.

Our ATS, Automatic Transfer Switch, (patented in 2000) sensed the failed breaker and signaled the generator to start.  It worked.

Our ATS has a 5 second delay to ensure an actual power outage.  So, during that 5 seconds, our UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), patented in 1964, held the computers and servers up in our data center until the generator could start – It worked.

All of that occurred and THEN our monitoring system (APC and PRTG) sensed the start of the generator and texted the team.   –  It worked.

Almost one hour later, the situation has been isolated and is in discovery mode to determine if a repair is in order.

Bottom line, the plan worked.   Lots of time, energy, money, etc goes into making our customers happy.  In this case, they didn’t even know we had an issue.  It took smart people (some that filed patents years and years ago) to make this work.


By the way, we used the time wisely… we trained on how all the breakers are connected.  We trained on how to check the elevator to ensure no one was stuck.  We trained on the ATS. That makes me happy.