Dean on July 4th, 2014

Day 5 means HOME.  We love camp. I have enjoyed the growth I’ve seen in these kids but it’s time to go home.   And home, we are.  I’m writing this from my comfortable chair.  I’m not contorted on a bed with a kid snuggled up beside my trying to type.

We have

  • prayed with your kids.
  • consoled them when they were homesick.
  • made sure they showered, brushed their teeth, changed underwear, etc.
  • laughed with them.
  • cried with them.
  • worshiped with them
  • road on a bus for 8 hours with them.  (here’s a peek at what happens on a kids bus)
  • given hi-fives and danced with them.
  • studied the Bible with them.
  • cleaned up puke for them. (notice not *with them)
  • given them freedoms that you would never give them.
  • climbed mountains and walked back down with them.

Through it all, I experienced a variety of emotions.   Some were happy, down right giddy.  Others were frustrating and yet you just push on.  It was a pleasure to be with your kids for the last few days.  They’ve spent a LOT of time in Bible Study and prayer.   Will you carry that on with them or will you just hand them back over to the TV and the video games?  I hope and pray that you will talk with your children about camp.   If you don’t know what to ask then visit the CentriKid page for some help.  There you will find a section labeled “Discussion Questions for parents and campers”.   In that section are questions that you can ask your camper that will REQUIRE them to open up a little more.  Try it!   There’s other resources there also.

If you want to know how active your kids are at camp, here’s what my fitbit said about me:

Day – steps taken – approximate miles walked

  • Sunday: 16912 – 7.98
  • Monday: 19749 – 9.33
  • Tuesday: 19183 – 9.05
  • Wednesday: 21785 – 10.27
  • Thursday: 13438 – 6.34

Total steps for me was 93767.  I walked approximately 43 miles.  So.. we didn’t just sit around a campfire and sing, although we did do that in 90 degree weather.  :-)

So… back to life… but I hope your child has grown and changed!


Dean on July 3rd, 2014

Well, Let’s just say we’re tired.  Tired of getting no sleep.  Tired of climbing steps.  Tired of camp food (although it is good)… and tired of not seeing our families. However, today was the last full day of camp so we made the best of it.

Before I tell you about today, let me tell you that I had the best conversation with my boys (3 of them) that I’ve ever had with kids last night.  We had an opportunity to discuss all things “Bible”.  These guys are paying attention and churning all this stuff.  They’re asking questions.   anyway…

We got up early (6:10am), had breakfast at 7:00am then headed to quiet time. After prayer time, we got cranked up with “I Can’t Wait” (not the song, the morning dance party named after the song).

We then moved into Adult Worship.  Adult worship time was spent prayer walking the campus.  We prayed over EVERYTHING… current and future.  I enjoy those times.
The afternoon schedule was shifted to make room for OMC (organized mass chaos).  I can’t explain it.  Read about it here:

After OMC, a quick shower, then dinner.

Worship time tonight was awesome.  The camp pastor talked about the Author Mark from the New Testament and how he was selected to serve, how he failed God, the consequences of failing, and how God used that to grow the kingdom in spite of Mark’s choices.  Mark was later restored and went on to have an impact in the ministry.  His point was simply, we will fail, and there are consequences but God will use it for his glory and he’ll restore us for a new purpose… if we live in Christ.

Bottom line, it was a great worship, very moving.  I saw at least a dozen of our kids kneeling and praying together during the invitation.  If I understood Mrs. Andi, we had one more give their life to Christ tonight and one rededicate hers.   Seeds were planted… watered…. and it sounds like a few were harvested.   I also understand from the other adults, there are several kids that you could tell were struggling with the decision.   Tonight wasn’t their night… maybe tomorrow on the bus ride…we don’t know!?!

See you tomorrow.  We expect the bus to pull out around 11am, stopping in Spartanburg to eat lunch… then home.  We’ll post on Facebook as we approach.

All photos are in a closed group on Facebook.  If you aren’t a member of the closed group, let me know.