If it takes a village to raise a child, then I want to be sure I’m doing my part with your kids.   Here are 5 ways I’m trying to help.

1.  I work to keep our kids safe while at church by ensuring they are all accounted for during their time there and that they are given back to the CORRECT adult.  (note: we’ve not had any issues with this, it’s simply precautionary).   This is a never ending quest.   Parents don’t always like it and Teachers don’t always follow the rules but it’s for the protection of the kids so I march on…

2.  I try to help out in Children’s church activities where I can.  Doing so benefits the kids, I hope.   I mostly support the productions behind the scenes but being there allows me to get to know these kids and make them smile and at times even act silly with them.

3.  We invite the neighborhood kids over for parties and then I get to enjoy throwing them around in the pool until my arms and legs feel like they are going to fall off.   They keep coming back for more! I work to build a relationship with these kids.

4.  I enjoyed a week with our kids at CentriKid camp this year.  50+ kids and 10 or so adults.  It was NON-stop fun with LOADS of opportunities to teach them and influence them.  Of course, I learned alot that week also.

5. I engage our youth at church and talk to them.  I try to make sure I encourage them when they are down.  I hug all of them I can, including the guys! Actually, MOSTLY the guys.  Men, don’t like to be told that you love them, especially from other guys.  The relationships that I have with our youth are special.

On the flip side,  are you doing your part? Too often, I hear about our church needing children’s leaders, Sunday School Teachers, mentors, etc.  If you aren’t plugging in at church and you consider yourself a member, then find a place to serve.  It’s NEVER too late.   The opportunities are endless.  Don’t wait to be called on the phone and asked to serve.  Go today and ask where you can serve.   I promise they’ll find a place for you.  If not, call me.  I’ll help you find a place.

Special Thanks to the Village men, women and children  that are contributing to raising my two!

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  1. Thanks for including CentriKid Camps as a part of the village for you guys! We are blessed to be a part of what you do to minister to kids!